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C'mon inner peace!

These days, it seems as though we can`t open our social media accounts without finding a TON of self-care tips and modalities that aid in the balance of mind, body and spirit. Is this a bad thing? Not one bit! BUT...where the heck do we start? As a yoga instructor, meditation is paramount to my practice. When I first began meditating I felt immense pressure to clear my mind, sit in my most perfect full lotus and commit myself to a perfect session for hours. Anyone who has ever tried meditating knows that this is easier said than done. So, after a few exasperated tries (and a curse word or two) I chalked it up to “meditating is just not for me.” But alas, I`m no quitter and I channeled the vi

The Death March (Part 1)

There were no signs and, most terrifyingly, no people. The last of the light had vanished and this is when I realized that as I broke trail

Women & weights

Are you too scared to lift weights for fear of getting bulky. Here is my advice to create the look you want without muscling up!

Working on your Beachbody...

When you hear "Beachbody," what do you think? Perhaps bronzed, toned bodies in swimwear? Or maybe infomercials? Tony Horton? Shaun


Generally speaking, I like to go fast. I drive fast, skate fast, eat fast. I live fast. Fast is fun, exhilarating, challenging. The problem

Banana Ice cream

I'm SO over the snow and cold this season. If you are too, I have some tips for fighting the winter blues... Turn up the heating, lay ou

Love the burn!

I’m all for celebrating love, but my husband and I have always made sure that Valentine’s day was more about spending time together than mon

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