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Movement is medicine

A lot of most people’s day is spent sitting. From being at the office to enjoying a coffee or at home watching tv. As a society Canadians sit on average 10 hours a day. As comfortable as it may be, it’s actually doing you more harm than good.

Postural changes that occur over time, especially prominent with office workers, often result in Upper Cross Syndrome. This is compensatory posture that develops when improper movement patterns are consistently repeated, a product of muscular instability and weakness as well as reciprocal stress and tension. This can all be halted, reversed and prevented with a few simple changes!

In addition to general spinal health, it’s important to note that your legs contain the biggest calorie burning muscles in your body. They are able to burn 20% more calories standing than in a seated position! Sitting for more than 1 hour at a time can have a direct effect on fat and glucose metabolization as well as muscle tissue atrophy, so it is imperative to get on your feet and move whenever possible, as much as possible.

Studies show that tasks involving fine motor skills such as computer work, driving and micro-surgery are better completed whilst sitting as long as correct postural form is adhered to. Standing up all day isn’t a practical option for most people’s work environment. So what is the solution?

The recommendation is to stand and move every 20-30 minutes throughout your day. What are the benefits? Release and reduce stress and tension in the body, increase flexibility and strengthen in a posturally correct position, energize and boost mental and physical performance! Incorporating movement like this for even brief moments can significantly improve comfort, work performance and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. We have also put together a couple programs for you to implement throughout your day to ensure you stay pain-free and maintain your spinal health.

Movement is medicine for the body. The more you move the better you'll feel. Try these simple yet impactful office-life changes and see for yourself. Strong body, strong image, strong mind!

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