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New Year, New You!

January is always the perfect opportunity for a fresh start, which is probably why so many people create New Year's Resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is related to losing weight and improving fitness. Of course, resolutions are much easier to make than to keep. So here are our tips to achieve your goals and maintain your resolutions…

Set One Realistic Goal

Instead of selecting ambiguous goals such as “lose weight” or “get in shape,” focus on something more specific. For example, commit to losing 10 pounds or running a 5k. Focusing your efforts on one specific goal makes keeping a resolution achievable. Taking tiny steps overtime rather than dramatically slashing calories and going crazy at the gym early on will help you reach your larger goal in time.


Planning is an important part of reaching your objectives. If you start working towards a goal without any type of plan in place you may find yourself giving up or delaying the start of your new habits.

Research your methods, techniques and apps which could help. If your aim is to lose weight, figure out how you’re going to do it and what will work for you. If you want to challenge your fitness, find a race, design a workout or choose a gym that will work with your schedule and budget. Finding sources of inspiration to keep you going is the key to success.

Remember that Change Is a Process

It may take longer than you would like to achieve your goals, but remember it’s called a new YEARS resolution. The results you want aren’t going to and don’t need to happen overnight.

Encountering a setback is one of the most common reasons people give up. A week or two away from the gym or a weekend of eating unhealthily is not a reason to abolish your original resolution. Don’t view a relapse as a failure. With change comes challenge and it’s called a challenge because it’s not easy to achieve!

Be Accountable

Taking control of your resolution is key. Joining a group that shares your goal can be great support but ultimately you are responsible for your own success. When you realize that you are in control and accountable for yourself and your achievements it will change the choices you make and effect how your progress is sustained.

No Luck needed, you got this!

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