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Treadmill challenges

Each year when November comes round, my motivation to run outside quickly dissipates. Working out wearing layers, cold air burning my cheeks and slush splashing up my legs are of little encouragement.

With that comes the struggle to motivate myself to get on a treadmill. A distance run on a treadmill always feels like effort. Without scenery changes, movement to occupy my mind, and the knowledge that I could get off at any time I begin every winter with a struggle to maintain my running fitness.

The best way to challenge and motivate yourself on a treadmill is to hit the GO button with a plan. As with any workout it's easy to give up if you're not focused on your goal for the session. Motivating yourself with new challenges avoids you reaching a plateau with your mental game and your athletic progression. Focusing on either intervals, inclines, speed or distance and working out using a different pattern to your regular routine is a great way to test yourself.

There are benefits to treadmill running all year round such as experimenting with and maintaining a pace, accuracy in measuring distance and the option to add challenge and intensity to your workout. The belt of a treadmill can also be better on the body than a hard pavement, which is important if you have any injuries. (Its also an easy way to avoid getting a "racer back tan"!)

Here are 5 different challenges, that can be completed in under 25 minutes to start you off...

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