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Working on your Beachbody...

From the very first time I attended a PIYO Live class I was hooked and so inspired that I eventually decided to take the certification for myself.

Yelitza was our teacher for the course and we couldn't have been luckier. Not only does she completely encompass the Beachbody brand as a Master Trainer she is also an amazing teacher and an incredibly talented, dynamic and knowledgeable group class instructor. An obvious choice to explain a little more about how to work on your beach body with Beachbody! .......

Yelitza Garcia, Beachbody LiveMaster Trainer, Director of Mambo Fit Studio

When you hear "Beachbody," what do you think? Perhaps bronzed, toned bodies in swimwear? Or maybe infomercials? Tony Horton? Shaun T?

For me, Beachbody is a company producing fitness and nutrition tools. Their official mission statement is to “Help people achieve their goals and live a healthy, fulfilling life”. Their at-home workout DVDs are known all around the world for getting results. Each program is carefully designed, tested, and proven to work for people of every age and fitness level.

And now what if I say Beachbody Live?

The Beachbody company realized that they could also deliver a live version of these workouts. They created what we know today as Beachbody Live It is the part of the Beachbody business that produces top classes inspired by their DVD’s workouts. They are available for instructors to teach and facilities to offer to their clients and are known as Beachbody Live formats.

The beauty of it all is that these are tried-and-true systems that are constantly evolving keeping classes fresh and exciting. Beachbody Live formats are continually upgraded to meet the needs of instructors and facilities, they are cutting edge, top notch formats that are perfected by leading exercise physiologists so that participants go through specific movements that will ultimately deliver results. This makes it more than just a class or a workout, but an experience and a higher-level fitness course.

From P90X, Cize and intense interval training inspired workouts like Insanity. Yoga and Pilates inspired PiYo, or kickboxing and martial arts in the mix with Turbo Kick and Core de Force. There’s a Beachbody Live workout for everyone, including you!

So give it a try… come and be part of the Beachbody Live experience.

(In the Montreal area, Beach body classes can be found at TRAIN fitness studio and Mambo fit studio.)

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