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The was it worth it week...

After a winter of colds, comfort food and minimal workouts I decided to refocus and get back on track with my fitness goals this week.

Years ago I tried a 7 day diet which worked well for me. It helped me reduce salt, sugar, alcohol and unhealthy food intake during the week and for a long time after. I didn’t remember it being too hard and it’s only for a week so I figured I would try it again.

Known as the General Motors diet, each day permits you to eat different foods or food groups. The diet plan is broken up into seven days, each with strict rules about which food groups you can consume.

The diet can supposedly help you:

  • Lose up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg) in just one week

  • Get rid of toxins and impurities in your body

  • Improve your digestion

  • Enhance your body's ability to burn fat

So how’d it go?...

Day one (fruit only, but no bananas)

I was so motivated to get started it really wasn’t bad. There was no maximum quantity so I spent the whole day eating grapes, melon, kiwi and apples. I went to bed super early (also not a bad thing) so that I wouldn’t be tempted to snack.

Day two (vegetables only- potatoes if desired in the morning)

Potatoes for breakfast!? Yup, you’re gonna wanna eat 'em! I was feeling the hunger but I was less worried because I knew I had a lot to eat for the day. I made sweet corn and potatoes for breakfast. I had mushrooms a big pan of ratatouille and plenty of raw vegetable snacks. I was craving substance by the end of the day and getting frustrated with the limitations though.

Day three (fruit & vegetables, no bananas or potatoes)

All I wanted was french fries all day long! I was so excited for day 4 to switch things up a bit. I was less prepared for the day which made it so much harder as I didn’t have as many meals and snacks on hand to keep me going.

Day four (bananas & milk)

I don’t like milk so I made an executive decision to switch it for yoghurt. I ate 6 bananas and four probiotic yoghurts. By the end of the day I was excited for a change again. Eating the same food was boring me and making me hungry, physically and psychologically. If I wasn’t so stubborn I would have given in on day 4. Especially when my husband came out of the kitchen eating pizza!

Day five (protein & tomatoes)

Steak for breakfast, chicken and tomatoes for lunch and for dinner. I added brown rice today too as it was recommended for vegetarians and I was happy to give up some of the protein in replacement. I remember previously that at this point the quantity and substance was increasing making it easier to push through to the end. I also noticed that I wasn’t thinking as much about the unhealthy options of pizza, burgers and french fries.

Day six (protein & vegetables)

Chicken and unlimited amounts of vegetables felt like I was eating a ‘regular’ meal. I was still hungry and so excited for this week to be over!

Day seven (brown rice and vegetables)

Knowing I was in the home stretch made today so much easier to handle. I’ve probably eaten more regularly and more in terms of portions each day than I normally would because I was thinking about food all day long. I haven’t missed quantity but I have missed variety. Restriction has been annoying, boring and limiting. It affected my social life. Going out to lunch or dinner would undoubtedly have resulted in me straying from the GM path.

The verdict… I feel satisfaction that I had the willpower to keep going and see it through. I lost the pounds I gained over the winter. I feel focused on maintaining healthy eating habits. I see and feel the results in my body. I discovered how much harder it was to embark on a crash diet in my 30’s. But most significantly I realized how much I enjoy food and that I need to eat well and exercise regularly so that I am NEVER tempted to do a crash diet again!

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