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The Assault AirBike

Assault Air Bike

The Assault air bike blends into the gym environment like any other cardio machine, but if you’ve ever watched it in use or seen someone finish a workout on it you’ll know that it provides more than a mediocre workout.

Instead of always using your Aerobic system which works endurance, with the Air Bike you will also be working your Anaerobic system which focuses more on speed & power. This combined with fan resistance, makes it easy to highlight the Air Bikes ability to increase metabolic conditioning, cardiovascular endurance, power and mental strength.

This workout will be one of the best bangs for your buck if you’re looking to burn calories during the workout and long after it’s over. You have the option to choose from one of the interval, calorie or distance. Mix in a quick sprint between sets or exercises to maximise your workout and test your overall fitness level.

The movement required on the bike mimics pushing and pulling in the upper body, targeting your back, biceps, shoulders, chest and triceps. Your legs drive through while pedalling , targeting the lower body and your core is “firing” while you pull, push and pedal simultaneously against the resistance of the fan. The harder you go, the harder it works against you.

The Assault Airbike is one of the few exercises machines that can work the entire body at maximum effort, you’re able to optimise your workout each time you sit on the seat.

Whilst we commend the Assault bike for working speed and power it’s also a great tool for endurance athletes. With running and biking we tie our laces or get on the bike and go; However, without a solid plan involving varying paces and distances you’re more likely to hit a plateau with your training. This is when frustration builds and progression slows, consequently affecting your motivation and the effectiveness of exercise. A good way to combat this and advance your training is to incorporate intervals and sprints into your routine.

Jump on the Assault Bike a few times a week and shock your body. It’s not going to be easy but you’ll only improve when you face a challenge!

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